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Looking Ahead at 2017:

Design Review: 
The next step in the Design Review process will be at City Council.  If you should have any questions, concerns, or want to voice your approval of this policy, please email Matt Cordonnier, Hancock Regional Planning Director.
Transportation Alternative Plan (TAP): 
According to Brian Thomas, City Engineer, the current schedule shows the job bidding at end of April beginning of May with construction beginning June 1, 2017 and ending September 30, 2017.
Downtown Alley Project: 
From the office of Brian Thomas, City Engineer, the plan is to bid now and get a contractor so that he can install the sewer and waterlines late winter/early spring and pave as soon as the asphalt plants open.

Downtown Findlay Improvement District (DFID):
The DFID had their Annual Meeting on December 13th,
introducing incoming board members.  Duane Wires will be the Chair, Erin Poling Vice-Chair, Jessey Poissant, Secretary, and Treasurer, Karen Logan.  2017 Board Members are: Kent Weaver, Alex Treece, David Spridgeon, and Jeff Cleemput and Bill Johns.  Holding appointed positions are Tom Klein, City Council, Lydia Mihalik, Mayor, Mark Gazerek, Hancock County


Hancock Hotel: 

The hotel is planned to be five stories with approximately 100 rooms including multiple suites, conference and meeting spaces, a large ballroom in addition to an upscale restaurant and bar.
The target completion is in Fall of 2017.
Kan Du Art Studio: 
Center officials hope to occupy the studio by February. The new building will have a single address: 318 W. Main Cross St.

ODOT Repaving:
West Main Cross (from Interstate 75 to Main Street), Trenton Avenue (from Broad to Main Street), East Sandusky Street (from Main Street to Beech Street) and Blanchard Street (from Lincoln Street to Blanchard Avenue). The current schedule that ODOT has on their website for this project is bidding in March, construction starting the beginning of June and construction ending beginning of August.